Digital Photography School Workshop

Digital Photography School Workshop

                                    Digital Photography School Workshop  Aim’s to broaden your understanding of the image-making process.

Digital Photography School Workshop

Creative Digital Photography at ArtsMon

Digital Photography School Workshop take that joyous first step into your future as a digital photographer. Designed to help you break through the technical barriers and launch you into a new realm of creating great photographs,

Under McRostie’s guidance, you will explore shutter speeds, apertures, and shooting modes. He shares tips and techniques about composition, lighting, lenses, and creativity that help you see the world with new eyes and capture images with impact. Field trips around beautiful Catalan landscape.
McRostie creates a fun atmosphere for learning the technical processes of digital photography, and individual expression is encouraged. By the workshop’s end, you are using your camera in manual mode with ease and exploring the wonderfully creative side of photography!

Discover what it means to take your passion of digital photography and turn it into an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career at Artsmon digital photography school.One of the leading digital photography schools in Spain. Learn every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of digital photography while compiling a professional portfolio through classroom, studio and real life assignments offered at Artsmon digital photography school.

The Digital Photography Workshops offered at Artsmon digital photography school Barcelona Spain, will prepare you for these careers:

Commercial Photographer (Product, Fashion, Advertising)
Industrial Photographer
Fine Art PhotographerDigital Photography Schools
Photographer’s Assistant
Photojournalist/Editorial Photographer
Portrait Photographer
Event/Wedding Photographer
Wildlife Photographer
Film/Television Stills Photographer
Architecture and Real Estate Photographer
Stock Photographer

Instructors at will teach you every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of the craft. Your lessons will take place in the classroom, studios, and location. Best of all, you’ll finish this course with some professional images for your portfolio.

“But most importantly you will discover the practice of seeing.”