Two Day Introduction to Digital Photography

“Learn to push your camera to the limit”


This is a beginners 2 day course and costs €363.00 total.  
It is our primary course and commences the Saturday before our second level course

“Digital Photography and Photoshop CC Course”

If you have little or a limited knowledge of digital cameras and photographic techniques and/or Photoshop CC we strongly advise that you take the opportunities provided within this short 2 day course to consolidate and improve your basic knowledge of these essential elements before embarking on the 2 day “Digital Photography and Photoshop CC Course” otherwise students will have varying skills/abilities and therefore without the knowledge that the Introductory Course offers may find themselves missing out on the full benefits that 2 day course offers.




Introduction to digital cameras which camera is best for you.A no nonsense look at what is available on the market today.Are they worth the large sums of money they demand. A look at sensor size and how it affects image quality & do we need such hi definition.

Shutter speed, techniques for exposure and effect, Learn about the aperture
Depth of Field or lack of it, how to control depth of field in camera,Focus zones history gram.

Lenses: Look at focal length and how it can help in image composition zooms vs fixed optics.

Gadgets and accessories: Gear and gadgets that work

Introduction to Digital Manipulation:
Image formats pixels and how they make up a digital file relationship between file size and resolution.

A look at what is available today be it Photoshop lightroom, Gimp,Affinity,Capture One a tour through the most popular image processing software.Today most of the advanced creative technics
happen inside the computer this is your digital darkroom and it’s only limits is your own imagination & talent.But no matter how good the software is the importance of getting it right in camera still holds strong.

Image Development

Here we look at the best practices of taking a raw file through the development path.The importance of a consistent workflow resizing images,Saving files in various formats.Again McRostie pushes the concept of planning before executing taking the initial idea from brain to camera through Photoshop to print.Below are typical topics we cover.

Flattening images for printing
Importing images
Transforming images
Image Manipulation – Photoshop CC
Introduction to Photoshop CC/Elements
Image views. Displays and correction
Layout, palettes, workspaces
Restoration and retouching
Burning and dodging
Special effects
Nik Filters and plugins
Working with text and images
Raw work flow
Light Room Vs Elements/Affinity

So at the end of two days you will be familiar with all of your camera’s modes and know which mode is best for different situations.You will feel comfortable using your camera in full manual mode.You will be aware of white balance & how to use it to your advantage.You will then have the basic tools of creativity to take your photography to the next level.

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